Floatlands is a lowpoly survival-exploration FPS game in singleplayer mode with multiplayer to be added later on.

You will play a robot as the main protagonist, going up against other robots. The game world will consist of several biomes/environments such as normal, desert and snow. Each island will be different and have unique features because they will be procedurally generated.

There will be random events/quests (defending, collecting, exploring) across the world for you to complete. Points of interest (shacks, towers, power stations) will encourage you to explore and gather rewards while you’re at it.

With gathered resources you’ll be able to build and upgrade your own custom base/shelter and defend from enemies.


Developer: Studio Techtrics, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux

Release date:

  • Closed alpha in August 2017
  • Early access in February 2018

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