About indie games

While indie games have been all over the video game press lately, if you don’t play them, you don’t get it. The press loves a story, and indie games are great for that, with a strong narrative element and a unique voice, to boot.

With indie games like ‘Spelunky’ and ‘World of Goo’, players are free to explore, make choices and try different approaches to problem solving, giving a real sense of accomplishment. And what’s more, the game industry needs them to have strong narrative elements, where player agency and decision-making is the norm, not an exception. It’s been a trend since games like ‘The Longest Journey’, but it seems to be gaining traction as of late.

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So why don’t you check out this new indie game for yourself? The game has an extremely active dev team, so if you’re interested in keeping in touch, follow the team’s official Twitter account or Facebook page.

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Spelunky is a 2D stealth game about an “immortal rogue treasure-hunter” searching for his father’s missing journal. His investigation will bring him across a world of traps, puzzles, and monsters. To do it, he must get through the evil clutches of the evil forces who seem to want the journal more than anything. And, like most of us, it’s his own fault if he winds up being a human doormat.