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Who we are

Playsource is a marketing, advertising and PR agency. We specialize in independent and medium-sized video game studios and publishers, as well as tabletop games.

In addition to providing promotional services for your game, we partner with fan-driven publisher Creators Media to produce custom influencer content on web, social and video platforms.
Samuel Axon
Creative Director
Playsource co-founder Samuel Axon is a content executive with deep experience in both agencies and the games press. In addition to covering games for Joystiq, Mashable and Ars Technica as a writer and editor, he has built large-scale content marketing properties for Samsung Mobile and CBS. He brings 10 years of experience in editorial content, creative design, social media marketing and PR to Playsource.
Tim Horton
Business Development
Tim helped develop entertainment brands for several years before co-founding Playsource. He has worked in content and communications within the entertainment sector for the past decade with Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Creators Media. At Playsource, he helps developers, publishers and agencies build their brands on Creators Media’s properties as well as their own channels.
Brielle Bullard
Community Management and Social Strategy
Brielle has more than eight years of experience building and engaging with large gaming communities. A lifelong gamer, she played a pivotal role in building an online community for the popular World of Warcraft website Wowhead. Since then, she has developed and executed community engagement and social media marketing strategies for BioWare and Google.
Kyle Horner
Marketing and PR
Kyle Horner has more than six years of experience planning and contributing to games industry marketing campaigns across VR, mobile and PC gaming. As a marketing consultant at Bithell Games and a content marketing pro at Turbine and Disruptor Beam, he has elevated global brands and brand new IPs with email campaigns, paid media, social creative and editorial content.
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